Rupert Sheldrake

Rupert Sheldrake

Rupert Sheldrake argues in his Science Delusion talk that consciousness is fundamental to the universe; not ‘all in the brain’.

He identifies 10 materialist dogmas that science subscribes to:

1. Nature is mechanical or machine like.
2. Matter is unconscious.
3. The Laws of Nature and its Constants are fixed.
4. The amount of Energy and Matter are fixed.
5. Nature is purposeless.
6. Heredity is based on material in the genes.
7. Memories are stored in the brain.
8. Your mind is inside your head.
9. Psychic phenomena are impossible.
10. Mechanistic medicine is the only kind that really works.

Sheldrake shows that these dogmas can and should be challenged. Suggests that nature has ‘habits’ rather than ‘laws’; both are metaphors but maybe one is a biological metaphor and the other a mathematical metaphor.

Sheldrake’s thesis is that minds are “field-like” and extend beyond our brains. In another fascinating talk Sheldrake argues that minds reach out in every act of perception and our attention can be felt by others so we can sense when others are looking at us.