Tai Chi and Qi Gong

Attended my second Tai Chi and Qi Gong class yesterday evening. It helped me reorient towards reality and I noticed that my vision which had been blurry on my way to the class was clearer. I felt clear this morning then still in bed I picked up my phone and started playing a game and noticed my vision blurring again. I’ve been spending far too much time staring at screens. My habits in recent weeks and months have become really bad; disconnected to reality. The Tai Chi/Qi Gong course is a way back. Too, I’ve not been getting out much and it’s good to interact with new people.

The class, in a hall at Stratford Circus, is run by Dan who is a White English man in his late twenties. Slightly built, he appears to know his stuff and is a reasonable teacher. His assistant is a young White woman who is not English; her accent is perhaps East European I forget her name. I am making an effort to remember the names of the people in the class.

Camille is a black woman around 27 years old. She is slim and taller than I am. This is her second term doing the class.

Maggie is a black woman about 45 years old. She is slim and shorter than I am.

Merle is white, late forties, she has a tattoo on her right upper arm.

Priya is Asian. She is aged about 25.

There is another Asian woman, she brought some food to share during our break between the Tai Chi and Qi Gong classes. She is in her late twenties maybe early thirties. She has an extraordinary smile but I have forgotten her name.

Yuri is Russian and in his late twenties. He mentions that he does power lifting. He is well built, not very tall but taller than I am.

There are others in the class but I did not interact with them. Besides Yuri and myself, there is one other male student in yesterday’s class. He is Asian and quite heavily built. Perhaps in his mid thirties.

It is important to note names and characteristics. I am aware that I do not do this enough. It is important for memory, for reflection and for improving my writing skills.