Tai Chi Notes

The Mei Quan community site has some useful guidance on the 24 step short form:


Step one is called Opening the Form. I find this easy to remember .. the rest not so much.



Step 2 is called Part the Wild Horse’s Mane. It starts from left bow stance, moves to right bow stance and returns to left bow stance.



Step 3, White Crane Spreads its wings involves much waving of hands and seems more complicated than it is. Most of this step in in left hanging stance.



Step 4 is Brush Knee with Twist Step and I am finding this difficult.



Step 5 is called Play the Guitar and is as far as I’ve gone with the form.

So far I’ve not really practiced much outside the class, which is why I feel I’ve retained so little.

Another possibly useful resource can be found at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P5hvODK2zW4 which seems to be the beginning of a video series on the short form. I haven’t look at it in all.