Joomla Notes

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I’ve been (slowly) learning more about Joomla in order to do some work on the Khulisa site. I made the changes that the project asked for and then I copied the site to my own webspace in order to play around with some more radical changes.

Joomla is at first (and second) glance a more complicated CMS that WordPress. The administrator interface is more complicated .. and I initially felt that it was unsuitable for non technical people to manage. The fact that I’m getting to like it more as I learn more does not change that assessment but I’m understanding that a developer can make the system easier to use for non technical administrators.

Looking at how to move an existing installation from one server to another:

1. Download files from original site via ftp
2. Backup MySQL datebase for original site (See Joomla Database Backup and Restore)
3. Zip original site and upload to new site via ftp then unzip using putty
4. Create new MySQL database for new site (ensure DB is empty)
5. Edit config.php file to point to the new database
6. Import database backup into new database.

Reading the article on migrating from 1.5 to 1.6.

Also reading! for information on setting up a MySQL database on Dreamhost.