The Conjurer’s Fallacy

Does Chi energy exist? This video suggests that it does:

This video, on the other hand, seems to have been made to challenge the testimony in the first:

While I agree with the premise that extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof I think that this is an example of what I would call the ‘conjurer’s fallacy’, the notion that any feat, claimed to be paranormal, that can be reproduced by conjuring has been produced by conjuring. There is more to the video about Dynamo Jack than the burning of a newspaper and it is the whole testimony rather than a part of it that is suggestive of a paranormal energy.

One Response to The Conjurer’s Fallacy

  • billzant says:

    More people in the world believe or experience chi. Why does it need proving? By consensus doesn’t that mean the burden of proof lies with the sceptics. Those who don’t accépt the existence of chi need to beware of how insidious western indoctrination is.