Alberto Villoldo


I’ve been reading ‘Countdown to Coherence’ by Hazel Courteney, on and off for the past several days. Almost halfway through and it’s still not very coherent. The book entitled ‘A Scientific Journey Towards a Theory of Everything’, details Courteney’s meetings and discussions with the likes of Villoldo, Gary Renard, Gary Schwartz and William Tiller. Courteney is coming from a position, which I subscribe to, that the Universe is consciousness based and that we and everything are part of that Universal Consciousness that can be called God. The book is essentially a set of notes about people presenting ‘evidence based’ propositions that consciousness and human ‘intention’ directly affect what we see as physical reality and that there is a non-physical reality that directly impacts on us. These propositions suppose a Ground of Being that connects everything.

As I read I look up the people Courteney refers to. Villodo looks like one of the more coherent (good word) teachers.