The Hero Within

I woke to the news of Obama’s re-election. America had voted for ‘no change’ rather than change for the worse. Four years ago Americans, and many non-Americans, saw Obama as a hero messiah who would bring about real change:

When change did not come those, like Deepak Chopra, who believed in Obama said that he was a realist as well as an idealist and was biding his time:

But real change can’t be brought about by a President. By the beginning of 2012 even Chopra’s enthusiasm had faded:

Real change will only come about when we, individually, really change and find the ‘hero within ourselves’.

This song came to mind:

We need to acknowledge the hero within ourselves but avoid the illusions of egoism. Everyone is engaged in a heroic struggle and we should honour this engagement. Change is in the way we see ourselves and each other, respecting difference and heroically working together as a ‘collective messiah’ to bring about change.