The Next President of France?

Leader of a party labelled ‘far right wing’ Marine Le Pen comes across as extremely charismatic and much more intelligent than most politicians. In this enlightening interview with RT’s talented Sophie Shevardnadze, Le Pen expresses views more consistent with a left libertarian. She condemns the EU’s intervention and stance on Ukraine, blasts the EU’s austerity agenda, is concerned about the loss of sovereignty implicit in the TTIP and wants to pull France out of NATO.

While I understand that it is not always wise to judge anyone by what they say publicly I am attracted to rational straight-talking politicians who oppose imperialist interventions. While judging people by what they say is is inferior to observation of what they do it is better than judging them on what others say about them. Mme. Le Pen has a good chance of becoming the next President of France and that could be good for the rest of Europe and the world.