The Report and its Spin

The UN Report on the use of chemical weapons in the Ghouta region says two things. First that sarin was used and second that it was delivered by surface to surface missiles. While I haven’t been paying close attention to the US/UK corporate state media and politicians I get the impression that they are using these findings to suggest that there is clear evidence that the Assad regime was responsible for the attack. This is simply not the case as there is evidence that the rebels had and have access to sarin gas and to the missiles used to deliver them. Incredulity regarding the rebels using these weapons on ‘their own people’ is more than matched by incredulity over the government using them knowing that use would give the US and its allies the excuse to attack.

I’m not saying that it’s impossible that the attack came from the government side but I think it is more likely to have been a false flag attack. If the government side were responsible I would still hesitate before blaming Assad because there are more than likely rogue elements fighting with the government as there are more extremist elements on the rebel side. The demonisastion of Assad by the corporate state media to support the FUKUS (France, UK, US) agenda of ousting him is transparently silly. Assad is the leader of a government and a party and even in a dictatorship there is collective responsibility by leaders of government and party. Too, Assad is a head of state not a military leader and in times of war much power is delegated to the generals. Assad will have some say in strategy but overall the day to day conduct of the war, the tactics, will be the responsibility of his generals.

The Syrian government has agreed to give up their chemical weapons and this is potentially a good move because proper control of the chemical weapons in Syria will entail Russia as well as the FUKUS alliance ensuring control of rebel held chemical weapons as well as those held by the government.