Ultimate Conspiracy

Despite its title, ‘The Gods of David Icke’, this video has nothing to do with David Icke. Rather it contends that what can broadly be described as the ‘New Age movement’ is part of an extensive ‘Luceferian’ conspiracy that links Aleister Crowley, HP Blavatsky, Teilhard de Chardin, Spiritualism, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Ecumenism, Darwinism, the United Nations, the New World Order, Nazism and much else. The premise is that dark spiritual forces have been enticing mankind to rebel against God since the original enticement in Eden.

The video does a nice job of connecting the dots to depict an ‘ultimate conspiracy’ that culminates with the extermination of billions of people and the coming of the ‘Antichrist’. While I do not endorse the underlying thesis I think that there are elements of truth here and the video was interesting enough to keep me watching for two and a half hours.