Who is Mooji


I had no idea who Mooji is before seeing a Facebook post with this passage but I find his insight here to be very profound and beautifully put:

Relax without laziness
Focus without tension
Perceive without projecting
Witness without judging
Enjoy without craving
Reflect without imagining
Love without condition
Give without demanding
Receive without possessing
Serve without self-seeking
Challenge without dominating
Meditate without identity
Correct without blaming
Overcome without pride
Laugh without cynicism
Cry without pity
Confront without hatred
Guide without superiority
Be without self-defining
Live without arrogance
Enter without self-importance
Depart without regret
Be one with God

~ Mooji

At first this seems like an unattainable aspiration but then I realise that:

Where there is laziness there is not true relaxation
Projecting distorts perception
And the witness that judges tampers with his own witnessing
We do not fully enjoy a moment if there is craving that it be better or other or that it last forever.

And so on. There is a lot here to reflect upon.