Why I am not an Atheist

Seeing this ‘Atheist’s Creed’ on facebook.com/GSHMP prompted the following response:

To the best of my understanding time, space, matter, energy and consciousness are the fundamental constituents of my reality.


To the best of my understanding I am part of a universe that being grander and richer than I can imagine holds possibilities that I cannot exclude.


I do not seek reassurances and am comfortable with uncertainty. My faith in a personal and connected universe is a matter of perspective and sensitivity rather than of belief and is a personal matter rather than a creed.


I accept human mortality and would be quite content with that but I strongly suspect that whatever I am transcends the bounds of human mortality.


I hold we are part of One Life and One Consciousness expressed through individual lives and consciousness and that love, community, learning and creativity are qualities that best express the interplay between the One and the Many.


I abide in the world and the world abides in me. As to what this ‘I’ that abides or from where it comes and to where it goes is I cannot say. I am here now and that is enough for now.

My response was not intended as a refutation. In matters such as this all we can do is share perspectives.