Working Late

It’s 2.30 am. I was at my desk practically all of yesterday working on the Khulisa Joomla Testsite and then, for the last two hours on the NYPO site.

I see the possibility of getting more work developing websites for community groups if I develop my own skills sufficiently so I’m doing more than I was asked for the Khulisa site and plan to offer it free of charge. I think that a key part of developing a website is making it as usable as possible for people who don’t have the time or inclination to search the web for info on how to update, change the look of and generally manage their sites. Also I would emphasise to prospective clients the ‘during and after care’ that Netstorms can provide. I plan to use the following as a service outline:

1. I will create a website for Step-Up using WordPress as the content management system (cms). WordPress allows the website administrator to edit content, post updates and create new pages without any specialist knowledge.

2. The website will have all the pages currently on the Step Up website plus a blog for giving quick project updates.

3. I will create the website on my own web space when you will be able to view it and suggest changes. If and when you are satisfied with the site I will set it up on your web host to replace your current site. To do this I will need:

a) Your account details (username and password) for your web hosting service in order to access MySQL databases and other information.
b) Your FTP username and password for the website.

4. After the website has been set up on your domain I will invoice you for £300 and offer half a day’s training in managing the website (all the tasks listed in point 1) as part of the package. I will also produce a brief report on what has been done and a basic user’s guide.

5. You will be able to call on me for free support regarding the site for a month following its set up. I will be happy to discuss ongoing support or more in depth training (covering site and database backups, security and an introduction to extending the capabilities of the site through plug-ins).