I’m starting a category called ‘X-Files’. This fits into it. If there has not been alien contact why are respected establishment people like Paul Hellyer saying that there has been and that there is a cover up? There are three possibilities:

1. They are delusional
2. They are conveying disinformation for some covert purpose
3. They are telling the truth

I won’t dismiss any of these possibilities. Being passionate, eminent and intelligent do not guarantee the validity of one’s statements though these attributes suggest that a person is worth listening to. Hellyer cites alleged incidents where military planes have come apart when they flew too close to UFO but gives no documentary references.

What Hellyer says reminds me of the movie Thrive:

The full movie can be watched at Documentary Wire.

2 Responses to X-Files

  • billzant says:

    I am keeping away from Thrive now. The man is loaded yet is charging money for courses. See updated blog entry

  • gavin says:

    I agree most of these courses go nowhere … better to get people involved in supportive dialogue rather than what is probably a cycle of courses. Thrive is glossy but lacks depth. The website ‘thrives’ off other people’s work and is therefore a useful source of links and ideas.